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Lingam – Men's Health. Organic Herbal Natural Mixture. Aphrodisiac.

Lingam – Men's Health. Organic Herbal Natural Mixture. Aphrodisiac.

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60 capsules 650 mg

Lingam complex of plant and mushroom extracts to improve men's health and increase sexual energy.

Lingam is a carefully selected complex of the most effective herbal and fungal components that strengthen male power. Acts at the hormonal level. Increases testosterone levels, enhances sexual performance and promotes muscle building in athletes.

Lingam - an organic herbal blend for men's health. Aphrodisiac:

  • Increased potency and libido
  • Increases the duration of lovemaking
  • Increases natural testosterone levels
  • Slows down the aging of the male body
  • Protects against sexual dysfunction
  • Improves seed quality
  • Prevention of diseases of the male genital area
  • Helps build muscle mass

This complex is selected by:

  • Athletes looking to increase testosterone levels, improve athletic performance and accelerate muscle growth.
  • Men over 30 who want to prolong their youth to maintain hormonal balance and sexual performance.
  • Men with low testosterone levels - with the appearance of a “belly”, a decrease in libido and sexual disorders.

How it works?

Testosterone has been called the hormone of male success or the king of hormones and the hormone of kings. The higher a man's testosterone levels, the more pronounced his authority, personal position, charisma and libido. From the age of 30, the level begins to drop, especially when stressed.

Ingridients: Extracts of Epimedium, Muira Puama, Eurycoma, Cordyceps, African Pygeum, Leuzea.

Lingam components activate various biological mechanisms to increase testosterone and improve sexual function, and help to balance androgen deficiencies.

Epimedium - contains icariin, a substance that is pro-erectile and increases libido. Improves the conductivity of neurons that affect sexual excitability.

Muira puama – Amazonian tribes have used it as an aphrodisiac since time immemorial. It acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, increasing sexual sensitivity and enhancing orgasmic sensations.

Eurycoma - increases sexual desire, exhibits a pronounced anabolic effect, increases the level of testosterone in the blood and the concentration of dopamine in the structures of the brain.

Cordyceps is a broad-spectrum mushroom that improves erectile function in men, increases stamina, and has a toning and rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

Pidgeum African – recommended to maintain a man's health during physical exertion, stress and weakening of the prostate function. Increases muscle mass growth during exercise.

Leuzea – contains ecdysterone, a natural analogue of testosterone, improves supply of protein and glycogen to muscles, thereby stimulating muscle mass growth, increasing endurance and strength, and enhancing sexual performance.

* All components of the complex have scientifically proven effectiveness.

Recommended dosage: Take 2-3 capsule (650 mg Yoni Complex powder/capsule) 1 times a day regardless of meals with 200 ml of liquid.

It is not recommended to exceed the maximum daily dose.

The effect is cumulative, fully noticeable after starting intake in 10-14 days.

Duration: 3-6 weeks, repeat if necessary after a 1-month break.

individual intolerance, increased testosterone, hypotension, childhood

Compatible with all our products except multi-component complexes.
Do not exceed recommended daily intake. No substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Store cool and dry.

Best before: 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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