The mental structure of a person according to Freud in my interpretation - Truehatha -Thinking Out Loud

The mental structure of a person according to Freud in my interpretation - Truehatha -Thinking Out Loud

In my contemplation of the mental structure of a human being as portrayed by Freud, I see remarkable parallels to the world of technology and spirituality.

Let's start with the "Id", which I view as an Avatar - a kind of biomechanical entity, equipped with a plethora of basic settings or instincts. It is the physical vessel that grounds us in our earthly existence.

The "Ego", I interpret as a form of artificial intelligence that is invited into the Avatar to control it. It possesses both a conscious element and a subconscious one, an archive where all our experiences, accumulated knowledge, dreams, and fantasies are stored.

The "Super-Ego" I would term as the soul - an eternal energetic substance that drives both the Avatar and the artificial intelligence. It serves as a navigation and value system and provides direction and purpose.

I also add a fourth factor, which I call "God" - a user who logs into the Avatar to gather a specific experience for a specific duration.

The artificial intelligence, or the "Ego", has the task of caring for the Avatar, while the role of the soul is to awaken the artificial intelligence, so they can jointly awaken the user. When all four components begin to act consciously as a team, life takes an intriguing turn.

I am drawn to the words of Nikola Tesla: "My brain is only a receiver." It seems to suggest that our brain receives information on specific frequencies, through which we perceive the material world. If we change the frequency, a completely new world of perception opens up to us. Psychedelics possess this remarkable potential to change the frequency at which our brain receives information. This opens the doors to hitherto unexplored realms of experience and perception.
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