So what is Ayahuasca? - Truehatha - Thinking Out Loud

So what is Ayahuasca? - Truehatha - Thinking Out Loud

"Aya" means spirit and "Huasca" means liana, thus translated: liana of the spirits or liana of the dead.

I would describe the experience that this drink offers as a journey through a portal into a world that goes far beyond "Matrix" or "Homecoming".

You realize that all of these amazing "visions" evoked by the drink and unfolding in your mind are familiar to the depths of your soul. You understand that you have been here hundreds or thousands of times, but have firmly forgotten.

Ayahuasca will turn the already established world view upside down, regardless of the level of spiritual development. It provides thousands of answers and raises just as many questions. It frees you from the role of victim and leads to change.

It makes it possible not only to believe, but also to realize (and if one is lucky enough to see) that man is a great immortal soul whose power is at the same time delightful and surprising. One wonders how it was possible to confine such a cosmic force as a jinn in a tiny container like our physical body.

The chemical process of Ayahuasca is based on a decoction of two plants:

Banisteriopsis caapi is a liana that grows in the jungles of South America. It contains the harmala alkaloid, which inhibits the process of breaking down tryptamines such as serotonin or DMT. This liana is also used as a medicinal plant for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and to combat parasites.

Chaliponga is a shrub also found in the tropical rainforests of South America that contains the alkaloid dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a psychoactive substance that causes powerful visual and auditory hallucinations.

DMT is produced by the human pineal gland, as well as many plants and other living things.
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