Reflections on Psychedelics - Truehatha - Thinking Out Loud

Reflections on Psychedelics - Truehatha - Thinking Out Loud

Psychedelics - what is it? This is drug?

According to the WHO definition, a drug is a chemical agent that causes stupor, coma, or insensitivity to pain.

If we take into account that all the life processes of a cell depend on chemical processes, and all products have a chemical formula, then psychedelics are a chemical agent.

Partially Psychedelics cause a slight stupor, but without weakening reactions to irritation and insensitivity to pain.

Coma (from other Greek κῶμα "deep" sleep) is a life-threatening state between life and death. Psychedelics cause a state between life and death, but not life threatening. This is their phenomenon, they allow you to look at the "Divine Kitchen" without a threat to life.

So the psychedelics can be classified as drugs because it is a chemical agent that causes a coma-like state.

However, drugs usually cause physical and psychological dependence, suppressing negative feelings and causing short-term feelings of euphoria. With Psychedelics, things are much more complicated, or even vice versa.

The process of a psychedelic trip does not cause euphoria, it exposes repressed feelings and traumatic memories, making them conscious, causing mental discomfort. However, according to the Splinter's principle, when the source of pain is found and removed, all that remains is to heal the "Tumor". The process of "healing" takes time, depending on the internal state of the person and his willingness to work on himself.

Such a procedure can hardly be used as entertainment. "Get hooked" on it is tantamount to dependence on psychoanalysis. That is, if a person is really involved in work on himself, then this process sooner or later comes to a logical conclusion.

I do not call on the use of psychedelics! This is just information about them. As if I were talking about hackers, about their existence and activities.

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