Plant intelligence - Truehatha - Thinking Out Loud

Plant intelligence - Truehatha - Thinking Out Loud

Ayahuasca, what is it? just a trend?

Have you ever thought about plant intelligence? They stand so modestly on the sidelines and remain silent...

We used to think that Homo sapiens was the crowning glory of creation. But when a person really gets to know plants, and they allow him to look into their world with one eye, he understands how arrogant he was and how wrong he was all along.

Plants have amazing intelligence, many times greater than that of humans. They take care of us like children. They treat, nourish, protect, give us air and shelter. And as it turns out, they also teach.

The master plants can easily delve into the depths of the subconscious and find "buried" painful memories there and make them conscious. When a person suddenly realizes where the permanent feeling of guilt or shame or the devaluation of himself and all his achievements etc. comes from.

It's amazing how they uncover this or that problem with surgical precision. I had many years of experience in psychoanalysis and do not wish to belittle his merits. He gave me an excellent basis for understanding how neurotic processes work. But I never tire of admiring the virtuosity of the plants, which in a flash reach the source of pain. Compared to herbal therapy, I would describe psychoanalysis as the "poke method".

I am infinitely grateful to plants for opening the veil of the secret of life for me.

"The Secret Life of Plants" Peter Tomkins & Christopher Bird Audiobook
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