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The Secret Ritual of the Fly Agaric. Diving Into the Unknown

In the world of shamanic practices and ancient traditions, the fly agaric mushroom holds a special place. Although not as potent as other hallucinogens such as psilocybin mushrooms or ayahuasca, the fly agaric still possesses a unique ability to influence human consciousness. However, the depth and quality of this immersion into an altered state of consciousness depend on many factors, starting from personal preparation and knowledge of the corresponding myths and legends, to the specific conditions of gathering and using the mushroom.

Interestingly, the process of interaction with the fly agaric begins long before its physical consumption. Everything starts with the observance of certain rituals and traditions. If the summer is moist, fly agarics start appearing in the forest by the end of July, reaching their peak strength in August and September. It is precisely during this time, when white spots appear on the mushrooms, that they become the most potent.

Shamans seeking fly agarics often wait for special signs or dreams that indicate the best time and place for gathering. These mushrooms grow singly or in scattered groups on infertile soils, most commonly under birches, firs, pines, larches, beeches, and hazelnut bushes. When collecting fly agarics, shamans approach the process with special attention and respect, considering each step from gathering to consumption as part of a sacred communion with the spirit of the fly agaric.

This dive into the unknown begins with the observance of traditions and knowledge passed down from generation to generation, manifesting not only in the effects of the mushroom on the physical state but also in the deep interaction with nature and the spiritual world.


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