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Shamanic Secrets. The Art of Fly Agaric Mushrooms Harvesting

Gathering fly agaric mushrooms is not merely a walk in the forest searching for fungi. It's more of a mystical journey. Fly agarics do not seek; enter the forest, call out for the fly agaric, and if it deems you worthy, it will surely respond.

Upon finding a fly agaric, it's crucial to check if it's part of a mushroom family. The entire family is collected together, and never mixed with fly agarics from other locations. Otherwise, a "battle" between the mushrooms begins, and the person who consumed them will see nothing.

There are disagreements regarding the technique of gathering. Some claim that the fly agaric should not be plucked or cut, but rather carefully excavated with a wooden stick along with its root. Others believe that the mycelium must not be damaged, and the mushrooms should be gently twisted out of the ground clockwise.

Moreover, the inhabitants of the North believe that too small fly agarics should not be picked and they should not be turned "upside down." However, modern mushroom gatherers think that small mushrooms with many white spots can induce a deeper trance state. After picking the fly agaric, some shamans place a coin in the remaining hole as a thank you to the forest owner, reminding us that "everything in this world must be paid for."


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