Magical and Mysterious Amanita Muscarias: Fly Agaric 10 amazing Facts

Magical and Mysterious Amanita Muscarias: Fly Agaric 10 amazing Facts

The Fly Agaric is a fungus that evokes many contrasting feelings. On one hand, it is a beautiful mushroom with a bright red cap and white spots; on the other hand, it is poisonous and potentially dangerous. But what else lies behind this well-known image?

Also a Delicacy

Let's start with a surprise: among Amanita muscarias, there is a delicacy! The Caesar's mushroom, a representative of this group, delights gourmets along the Mediterranean coast. Its brown cap does not have the typical white spots. And, if you know how to prepare it, connoisseurs claim that it is a true culinary delight!

Polka Dot Fabric and Inspiration from Fly Agaric

It may seem that fashion and mushrooms are incompatible. But no! The popular "polka dot" pattern might have been inspired by Amanita muscarias. Designers often draw inspiration from nature, and perhaps someone simply couldn't resist the bright red cap!

Vikings and Amanita Muscarias: The Secret of Fearlessness

The mysterious Vikings, who struck terror into their enemies. Everyone knew about their bravery and fearlessness. But did you know that their secret might lie in Amanita muscarias? A tincture made from this mushroom could make a warrior fearless, ready to face death without feeling pain.

With Age, The Freckles Disappear

How can you determine the age of an Amanita muscaria? Pay attention to the white spots. Young mushrooms have many of them, and they are full of poison. But the older the Amanita muscaria gets, the fewer freckles it has.

Worms Aren't Picky

"A poisonous mushroom is not eaten by a worm." Have you heard this saying? It turns out that this is not true for the red Amanita muscaria. This poisonous delicacy might taste quite good to hungry worms.

How to Prepare Amanita Muscarias?

Attention: This recipe is only for the red Amanita muscaria! First, they should be thoroughly washed, cleaned of spots and skin, then boiled twice for 20 minutes each time, and finally fried. If you believe those who have dared to try it - it's very tasty.

Amanita Muscaria as a Painkiller

Healers believe that properly prepared Amanita muscarias are an excellent painkiller. They can help people in the final stages of oncology, who are forced to resort to narcotic drugs. A tincture based on Amanita muscarias effectively relieves pain, allowing a person to live their remaining days pain-free.

Amanita muscarias are not just simple mushrooms. They harbor many secrets and mysteries, making it interesting to explore and learn about them.


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