Is microdosing with Fly Agaric really harmless?

Is microdosing with Fly Agaric really harmless?

Application history of Fly Agaric in traditional medicine goes back thousands of years, during which time Fly Agaric was used to treat over a hundred diseases.

In the wild nature, many animals such as squirrels, moose and hedgehogs eat Fly Agaric to recover from the diseases.

The Fly Agaric is also included in the official Pharmacopoeia of several countries.

While some people continue to believe the myth that the Amainta Muscaria is poisonous, Canadian scientists are proving the opposite.

In early 2021, studies were conducted to determine the safety of Fly Agaric. The experimental animals received a Fly Agaric extract once per day within 14 days in an amount that is customary for humans as a microdose.

Result: No side effects were found.
Based on this experiment, on November 3, 2021, Health Canada added Amanita Muscaria to list of ingredients of health products.

Canadian scientists have gone further and conducted another similar study in late 2021. This time it lasted 90 days and the results were known on February 15, 2022. After careful testing, no side effects or signs toxicity of Amanita Muscaria were found.

"This is the final step in the toxicological assessment of Amanita Muscaria that will form the foundation for the effective safe dose for human consumption," said Brian Tancowny, Scientific Advisor. These experiments will allow Fly Agaric to become an official medicine in Canada in the near future.

It's important to note that professionally prepared Amanita Muscaria that are dried at the optimum temperature are safe. Fresh Fly Agaric contain a toxin - ibotenic acid. The ibotenic acid is not life-threatening, but extremely uncomfortable.
Ibotenic acid, also known as premuscimol, is transformed into the valuable substance muscimol during professional processing.

The toxicity of ibotenic acid gave rise to the myth of Fly Agaric poisonousness!

Other studies by Western scientists confirm the positive effects of Fly Agaric on physical health, here is one of them.

Here's the quote: "The findings suggest that Amanita muscaria offers а great versatility of beneficial effects in cell protection and especially in neuroprotection, cardio protection, hepatoprotection, inflammation process, oxidative stress".

Another study has confirmed the effectiveness of Fly Agaric in Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

In this study, mice were given a brain-damaging neurotoxin to mimic the condition of these diseases. They lost memory and the ability to learn. Then they were given muscimol (the active ingredient of Fly Agaric) and within a few days they were 90% recovered!

The strong antidepressant effect of Fly Agaricc is also due to its ability to reduce stress hormones and increase serotonin levels, which has also been confirmed by scientific research.


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