Improving the quality of life with Fly Agaric

Improving the quality of life with Fly Agaric

The possibilities and effects of the fly agaric are not limited to its medicinal properties. More and more people appreciate microdosing as a meaningful method to improve their quality of life.

The subtle, imperceptible changes in how the brain works when microdosing with Amanita Muscaria gives you the potential to see yourself, society and the world as a whole in a completely different light, to find new ideas and new solutions.

Microdosing with Fly Agaric helps you to understand and feel for yourself what needs to be strengthened, what needs to be let go, what needs to be emphasized and what needs to be changed and corrected.

The growing popularity of the Fly Agaric recently is quite justified. Many people change their lives for the better after completing a microdosing course.

From customer feedback:

"I work in the service sector. I started getting less excited, wasting energy, working in a relaxed mode and asking for more money. And with a Fly Agaric you just work, without resistance, you just take it and do it, calmly, without inner discussion."

"My sleep is good now. I work shifts and the workload is not light for a normal person. Waking up for a shift has become easier. It doesn't hurt. And when you open your eyes, you accept yourself in the Here and Now. The work is no longer mentally taxing. Of course I'm not superman, but overall it's easier to develop. My outlook on life has changed and I'm not as exhausted anymore. There are more walks after work. Things don't get put off, even small ones. I'm more committed now. I've stopped doing unnecessary or superfluous things."

"The depression didn't just go away, I realized it didn't exist at all. I made it up and drowned myself in this puddle of sadness."

Another interesting effect of Amanita Muscaria is the overcoming of fear, the ability to express yourself more naturally, without regard to the judgment of others.

Fear is a complex neurophysiological mechanism that blocks our actions in the brain's folder "DANGER" . This folder may have been out of date for some time, e.g. when a child was laughed at by peers when reciting a rhyme at a matinee. It has grown up, but every public appearance frightens it.

But our brains also have a mechanism called "fear-erasure" that weakens the neural circuitry of fear, allowing us to break through the blockages it creates.

In 2006, Prof. Irit Akirav of "The Laboratory For Learning & Memory" conducted experiments in "University of Haifa" in which she demonstrated that Muscimol of the Amanita Muscaria can strengthen the mechanisms of extinction of anxiety after 48 hours after its infusion.

The main problem with stress-related disorders is the inability of humans to inhibit the manifestation of the memory of unpleasant events.

"Extinction" does not mean that fear is forgotten. When extinction, a new memory track is formed when the newly acquired behavior replaces the previously formed conditional reflex.

In this study, the laboratory animals were intimidated and paged at the same time. This resulted in a conditioned reflex to the sound. The animals were no longer frightened, but they continued to experience shock when the sound was turned on.
After the infusion of Muscimol, the reaction to the sound decreased significantly faster than in the control group. The Fly Agaric affects us in the same way and helps us to stop having illusionary worries.


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