Fals Facts about Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria)

Fals Facts about Fly Agaric (Amanita Muscaria)

There are many myths about fly agaric mushrooms that often do not correspond to reality.

The Fly Agaric is very poisonous
Poisonous, but not extremely. After cooking (the broth must be drained twice), it is edible after 15 minutes. Such mushrooms can be fried or boiled.

It is a hallucinogen
Fly agaric does not belong to the psilocybin-containing (hallucinogenic) mushrooms.

An overdose of psychedelic substances can lead to hallucinations, but only as a result of an overload of the nervous system.

It harms health
Eating a few raw mushrooms will definitely not be a pleasant experience. However, after heat treatment, the mushroom's only toxin, ibotenic acid, is converted into muscimol. This is not toxic. An overdose of muscimol causes a temporary reaction but does not impair the function of organs and systems. This is more related to increased neurological activity. The nervous system sends the signal "SOS, something is not right" in available ways.

Uncontrolled consumption of medication can be harmful. Here everything depends on the individual's responsibility.

Fly Agaric is banned
No, that is not true. Although there are discussions about banning the consumption of fly agarics. Officially, the collection, storage, and consumption of preparations in Germany are not prohibited.

Dangerous or not?
It all depends on the method of consumption. Raw fly agarics are definitely dangerous. Cooked fly agarics can be partly dangerous. Dried fly agarics are not dangerous in principle, but it is difficult to find the right dosage. The concentration of active substances in fly agarics varies depending on the region, season, and even the place of growth. For example, a fly agaric that grows on a sunny forest edge will be more active than a mushroom from a shady thicket. A mature mushroom with a fully opened cap contains more active substances than a young one.

In everyday life, it is quite difficult to track all these nuances. Hence the possibility of an overdose and cases of poisoning.

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