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Amanita Muscaria to combat Burnout. Fly Agaric

We've created a portrait of a typical office worker, let's call him Olaf! Olaf's main problem is stress and lack of concentration, which impair his productivity at work. Additionally, these issues at work have affected his family relationships. He finds it difficult to manage the constantly increasing workload, often feeling overwhelmed and sometimes burnt out.

Many can recognize in Olaf's portrait the negative effects of work overload, such as:
  • Constant mental exhaustion, making one feel like a squeezed lemon at the end of the day.
  • Difficulty concentrating on tasks, leading to mistakes and delays in projects.
  • Feelings of overload and stress due to the growing workload as new tasks accumulate.
  • Apathy and sudden emotional outbursts towards colleagues at the office and family members at home on the same day.
  • Sleep problems: insomnia, frequent awakenings, and difficult waking up, after which one wants to call in sick and stay under the covers.

The last straw for Olaf was missing a deadline because he couldn't focus on his tasks. This mistake led to additional stress in explanations with management, making him realize that he needs to actively address his stress and concentration issues. Furthermore, it became clear that his work problems were causing a series of disputes at home, and he just couldn't get out of this state.

In such a situation, many ask themselves: What to do? Endure or take a vacation? Change jobs? Or is it depression?

Looking deeper into these questions, the answer lies in changing the current negative state: in a positive transformation that not only provides a quick mood shift but also increases productivity!

For example, Olaf wants to achieve a state of composure, tranquility, and stress reduction so that he can work effectively and maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. He wishes for a transformation where he can accomplish assigned tasks without constant tension and pressure.

A spontaneous vacation doesn't change the situation in the long term but causes more worries due to the sudden departure. Changing jobs is like restarting a laptop, it increases efficiency, but over time the RAM gets full again and you start to lag.

Olaf, like 81% of our surveyed customers, did the right thing: they sought advice from a specialist. Among the 81% we surveyed, many turned to a psychologist, psychotherapist, nutritionist, or trainer.

After processing his request with the specialist, Olaf was advised to try microdosing fly agaric mushrooms as a natural stress reliever. Despite all skepticism about the effectiveness of microdosing and fear of potential side effects of fly agaric, Olaf found our store and received counseling from our nutritionists, with whom he selected a course. During the intake, he continued to consult both our online advisors and his psychologist.

Within a month, Olaf was satisfied with his work and received a well-deserved promotion. For 67% of the respondents after taking microdosing, the situation at work improved significantly: within six months, they either received a promotion or bonuses they had not previously anticipated. 33% of the respondents changed their view on the situation; within a year, they either changed their field of activity or plan to change employers under better conditions!

We identified three main positive effects after taking microdosing of fly agaric mushrooms:

  • Improved ability to concentrate and accurately perform tasks.
  • Reduction of stress and improvement of overall well-being through normalization of sleep.
  • Increased mental endurance and the ability to take on additional responsibilities.


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